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Maurício Hachul
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Urinary tract infection - diagnosis and treatment

Nowadays, over 56,000 of medical article publications approach the urinary tract infection issue. Annually, this disease affects 150 million people all around the world, and, in most cases, cystitis does not result in severe complications. It is more common on female adults and causes great discomfort when it occurs frequently. Extended treatments with antibiotics or higher dosages are needed in a long-time period. On children on the early years of life, the urinary tract infection requires a complete urological investigation for the diagnosis of congenital anomalies

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Revista Brasileira de Medicina
Volume / Volumen: 70
Number / Número:
First and last pages / Páginas inicial-final: 106-109
Year / Año: 2013
Month / Mes: december

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Universidade de Santo Amaro - UNISA, São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

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Williams J.G., Hodson E.H.,Isaacs D., Craig J.C. Diagnosis and management of urnary trsct infection in clhildren. J Paediatr Child Health, 2012;48(4):296-301.

Saadeh A.S., Mattoo T.K. Managing urinary tract infections.Pediatr Nephrol.2011;26:1967-76.

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2014, february 24
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2017, july 27
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2017, july 27
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2017, october 25

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Como Diagnosticar e Tratar Infecção do Trato Urinario

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