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Ying-Sing Li
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Pre-clinical analysis of sarcosine

We have reviewed the applications of Raman spectroscopy in the analysis of food and pharmaceutical nanomaterials and engaged to develop a clinical method for early prostate cancer detection using iron oxide magnetic nanoparticles to enrich biomarker concentrations. Surface enhanced Raman scattering results appear to be promising in the pre-clinical part.

The article was published by
El artículo fue publicado por
Journal of Food and Drug Analysis
Volume / Volumen: 22
Number / Número: 1
First and last pages / Páginas inicial-final: 29-48
Year / Año: 2014
Month / Mes: march

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Principal institution where the research took place
Institución principal de la investigación
Department of Chemistry, University of Memphis, Memphis, TN, United States

Authors' Report

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Referencias bibliográficas

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2021, march 9
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2021, june 7

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Raman Spectroscopy in the Analysis of Food and Pharmaceutical Nanomaterials

Author / Autor
Ying-Sing Li1, Jeffrey Church2

2 Senior Scientist, Csiro Material Science And Engineering, Po Box 21, Belmont, Vic 3216, Australia, Senior Scientist

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Journal of Food and Drug Analysis

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