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Nicholas Johnson
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Investigating the patterns of infection and implications for costs and control of rabies in Turkey.

The incidence of cattle rabies in Turkey was calculated to be between 0.1 to 3.87 cases/100 000 animals. The cost of livestock rabies in Turkey is $ 250 000 per annum. Based on this data a clear assessment of the cost/benefits of rabies control can be made.

The article was published by
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Epidemiology and Infection
Volume / Volumen: 142
Number / Número: 9
First and last pages / Páginas inicial-final: 1925-1933
Year / Año: 2014
Month / Mes: september

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Principal institution where the research took place
Institución principal de la investigación
Animal and Plant Health Agency, Addlestone, Surrey, United Kingdom

Authors' Report

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Bibliographic references
Referencias bibliográficas

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Fooks AR, Banyard AC, Horton DL, Johnson N, McElhinney LM, Jackson AC. Current status of rabies and prospects for elimination. The Lancet 384:1389-1399, 2014.
Hicks DJ, Nunez A, Banyard AC, Williams A, Ortiz-Pelaez A, Fooks AR, Johnson N. Differential chemokine responses in the murine brain following lyssavirus infection. Journal of Comparative Pathology 149:446-462, 2013.
Hicks DJ, Fooks AR, Johnson N. Developments in rabies vaccines. Clinical and Experimental Immunology 169:199-204.

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2014, november 7
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2016, june 7
The authors' report was accepted on
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2016, june 7
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2016, september 5

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Bovine Rabies in Turkey: Patterns of Infection and Implications for Cost and Control

Author / Autor
Nicholas Johnson1

1 Dr, Animal And Plant Health Agency, Addlestone, Reino Unido, Senior Scientist

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Epidemiology and Infection

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