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Garima Bhutani
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KAP study of hypoglycemia.
Diabetic education: knowledge of diabetic patients towards prevention of hypoglycemia

Proper diabetic education can improve the knowledge and attitude of the diabetic patients toward hypoglycemia. This leads to better practices of such patients and decreased hypoglycemic episodes in them.

The article was published by
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Indian Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism
Volume / Volumen: 19
Number / Número: 3
First and last pages / Páginas inicial-final: 383-386
Year / Año: 2015
Month / Mes: may

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BPS GMC for women, Khanpur akalan, Sonepat, Haryana, India, sonepat, Haryana, India

Authors' Report

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Educación sobre la diabetes: conocimientos de los pacientes para evitar la hipoglucemia

La educación apropiada sobre la diabetes puede mejorar el conocimiento y la actitud de los enfermos diabéticos en relación con la hipoglucemia. De esta forma, el accionar de los enfermos mejora y los episodios de hipoglucemia se reducen.
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2015, september 16
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2021, march 9
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2021, march 9
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2021, june 7

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Effect of Diabetic Education on the Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Diabetic Patients Towards Prevention of Hypoglycemia

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Indian Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism

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