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Skeletal dysfunction in COPD

The hand grip muscle strength decreases as the FVC and FEV1 decreases in patients of COPD. Identifying those patients who have reduced strength and endurance will allow early interventions targeted at improving the quality of life of the patient.

The article was published by
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Indian Journal of Medical Research (IJMR)
Volume / Volumen: 138
Number / Número: 4
First and last pages / Páginas inicial-final: 492-496
Year / Año: 2013
Month / Mes: october

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Principal institution where the research took place
Institución principal de la investigación
B.J. Government Medical College and Sassoon General Hospitals, Pune, Maharashtra, India

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Referencias bibliográficas

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Upper Limb Muscle Strength & Endurance in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Author / Autor
Swati Shah1

1 Doctor, B.j.medical College And Sassoon General Hospitals, Pune, India, Assistant Professor

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